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Researching Companies

Researching a company before your interview will give you more confidence, impress the interviewer and help you determine whether or not this is a company to which you would want to devote the next few years of your work life to.

When you go to an interview you should know the company, its products and/ or services, its achievements, challenges and competitors.

When conducting your research continually ask yourself the question “What skills and experience do I have that meets the demands of this job and values of this organisation?”

There are many resources available to help you research a particular company:

  • The company website can usually give you important information such as the company structure, products and services, mission, values and goals.  Some will also provide you details of their performance, clients/projects and financial status.
  • Other websites can provide topical information on what’s happening in general in the industry or sector. Try typing key words into sites such as Google or Addictomatic.
  • Competitor’s websites – these will provide you with insight into the challenges the company may face when coming up against competitors.  They can also be a source of industry and sector news.
  • Information may also be available directly from the company.   Useful documents to ask for include sales brochures and annual reports.
  • Social Media – Have a look at the company's LinkedIn or Facebook page for recent updates and news. Commenting knowledgeably on their social media posts may draw the employer’s attention to you showing that you already have an interest in their work.
  • Trade publications will give you general industry focussed news.
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